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Cotton Dhoti is one of the famous traditional wears of men in Kerala woven by Handloom weaver of Chirakkal weavers co-operative society.

Handloom-Woven Dhoti Merron Border, Cream - A Symphony of Kerala's Craftsmanship

The Handloom-Woven Dhoti Merron Border, Cream, nestled in Kerala's cultural embrace, is a symbol of the state's rich textile tradition. This dhoti is a canvas of tradition, mirroring the soul of God's Own Country. It is woven with beautiful perfection using Warp-2/120s Cotton and Weft-2/120s Cotton.

Speciality: Exquisite Warp and Weft Craftsmanship

The technical mastery of using Warp-2/120s Cotton and Weft-2/120s Cotton is what distinguishes the Dhoti Merron Border. The fine texture of the dhoti is enhanced by the specifically selected threads, resulting in a sensual feel against the skin. This handloom masterpiece demonstrates the weavers' commitment to preserving ancient skills.

Salient Features: Dimensions of Elegance and Comfort

This dhoti seamlessly commits to elegance and comfort, measuring 50 inches in width and 3.6 meters in length. The cream tone represents purity and simplicity, while the Merron border offers a splash of color. The width provides a lovely cover, making it appropriate for both formal and casual use while representing Kerala's lively spirit.

Intricate Weaving: Warp and Weft Tales of Kerala's Culture

The weaving patterns of Kerala's rich cultural tapestry are told through the weaving patterns of the Dhoti Merron Border. Each warp and weft thread intricately illustrates the soul of local festivities, traditional music's rhythmic pulses, and the tranquil landscapes of coconut trees. This dhoti is more than simply a piece of clothing; it's a wearable element of Kerala's cultural heritage.

How to Care for the Product: Sustaining Tradition with Tender Care

The cultural richness weaved within this handloom masterpiece needs sensitive care. Hand wash in cold water with a light detergent and allow to dry naturally in the Kerala sun. To maintain the dhoti's intrinsic elegance, the delicate threads of Warp-2/120s Cotton and Weft-2/120s Cotton require a careful touch.

For the Sartorial Purist and the Modern Maverick: A Wardrobe Essential

The Cream Dhoti Merron Border seamlessly bridges style barriers, making it an essential wardrobe piece for both traditionalists and modern innovators. Combine it with a traditional kurta for a classic look, or play with modern shirts for a fusion twist—the versatility of this dhoti reflects Kerala's energetic energy.

Wrap yourself in Kerala's cultural richness, the cream colors of tradition, and the artistry of the Handloom-Woven Dhoti Merron Border—a timeless piece that connects the user to God's Own Country's vibrant textile heritage.

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Item Type Handloom
Size Onesize
Dimensions (in cm) L - 360 cm * B - 127 cm * Height - 0.1 cm
Color Cream
Occasion Casual
State of Origin Kerala
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