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The Handmade Assamese Japi is a vibrant and culturally rich accessory that embodies the traditional craftsmanship of Assam. This multi-coloured japi, a traditional conical hat, is meticulously crafted from bamboo and palm leaves, and adorned with intricate hand-painted designs. The use of vivid colours and patterns not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also reflects the cultural heritage of Assam. The japi is lightweight yet sturdy, making it a versatile item that can be used as a decorative piece in your home or as a functional hat for outdoor events. Measuring approximately 22 inches in diameter, it is perfect for making a bold statement, whether displayed on a wall or worn as part of a traditional Assamese attire. The Handmade Assamese Japi is a testament to the skill and artistry of local artisans, making it a unique and meaningful addition to any collection.

  • Item Type           Handicraft
  • Exact Size(L*B*H)            45x45
  • Size Unit             CM
  • Color     MULTI COLOUR
  • Material              Textile and Wool
  • State of Origin   Assam
  • Care Instructions             Care Safely

The Assamese Japi is an iconic symbol of Assam's rich cultural heritage. Traditionally worn by farmers as a protective headgear against the sun and rain, the japi has evolved into a significant cultural artifact representing the Assamese identity. The Handmade Assamese Japi in multi-colour is a celebration of this tradition, showcasing the intricate craftsmanship passed down through generations. Each japi is made from natural materials such as bamboo and palm leaves, skillfully woven and hand-painted by local artisans. The vibrant colours and intricate designs depict various cultural motifs, adding a touch of Assamese tradition to any setting. This japi is not just a piece of headgear but a work of art that reflects the history and artistry of Assam. Whether used as a decorative item or worn during cultural festivals, the Handmade Assamese Japi brings a touch of tradition and elegance to your life. By purchasing this japi, you are supporting the artisans and preserving the cultural heritage of Assam.

Material: Made from bamboo and palm leaves.
Design: Hand-painted with intricate, vibrant patterns.
Colour: Multi-coloured to reflect Assamese culture.
Usage: Can be used as a decorative piece or functional headgear.
Craftsmanship: Handmade by skilled Assamese artisans.
How to Care
Wipe gently with a dry cloth to remove dust.

More Information
Item Type Handicraft
Exact Size(L*B*H) 45x45
Size Unit CM
Material Textile and Wool
State of Origin Assam
Care Instructions Care Safely
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