White Red Sutaluga Raja Theme Pattachitra Saree

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Patta-chitra means painting on cloth/patta. It has flourished in Odisha since earlier than 15th century.
Earth, stone, and mineral colours are used for painting on patta or specialised canvas medium prepared organically for painting such as: vermillion red- hingula (cinnabar); brick red- geru (red ochre); yellow- hartala (orpiment); white- sankh (conch shell); black- lamp black; gum resin- kaintha plant etc.
For Sarees/stoles/dupattas/fabric : Fabric colour is used, so that the color remains steadfast.
Some of the popular themes are Radha-Krishna, Mahabharat, Ramayana, Lord Jagannath, Dasavatar etc. Our beautiful mythological tales are often told by Pattachitra paintings. Here beautiful Krishna Radha Chaka Raasa is shown and Sakhis around themselves from a special occasion, made on natural and pure tussar silk base. Art and weave combination at its best! Flaunt it with pride! 

More Information
Item Type Handloom
Size Onesize
Dimensions (in cm) 630 x 116 .84 cm
Color White
Occasion Casual
State of Origin Odisha
Care Instructions Iron Care: Light iron to be used.Please iron only on backside. Otherwise use a cotton cloth on top of the painted parts while ironing.


This product is handmade and may have slight variations or dissimilarities that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process. These minor variations of Stitches/Motifs add to its charm and ensure its uniqueness & authenticity.


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