Vidarbha Tussar karvati Jala Pallu Blue Saree

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  • The uniqueness of the Tussar Karvati Saree is that, its body is in natural colour and the border is with red/maroon colour with 2 to 3 white sharp lines about 8 to 12 dent other colour (green) patta, in which border weft and body weft yarn are interlocked and making karvath kati design on green ground, gomi, ruifool and other traditional designs taken for extra warp in white colour.
  • Karvat kathi Saree is a craft of Vidarbha region. “Karvat” in Marathi is the saw and since the designs look like saw tooth, the fabric is known as Karvati or Karvat-kathi.
  • Karvath Kati Sari is woven with desi tussar silk both in warp & weft  in body portion and 2/80s mercerized cotton is introduced for border. The speciality of sari is three shuttle weaving (tapestry type of weaving).
  • Since 2017, Karvat kathi Saree has also been registered as GI(Geographical Indication)


          Salient Features:

  • Crafted from Desi Tussar Silk
  • Dimensions: 630x117x0.2 cm
  • Karvat Kathi Designs
  • Geographical Indication (GI) Registered since 2017
  • Perfect for Party Occasions
  • Step into the world of timeless elegance with our Tussar Silk Saree, a masterpiece from the heart of Maharashtra. The embodiment of grace and tradition, this saree is a celebration of the artistry and craftsmanship rooted in the Vidarbha region.
  • Specialty: Indulge in the allure of the Karvat Kathi Saree, a craft that weaves together the essence of Maharashtra's heritage. Adorned with designs resembling saw teeth, this off-white saree is a true Karvat Kathi masterpiece. Woven with desi tussar silk and a touch of 2/80s mercerized cotton for the border, it stands out with its unique three-shuttle weaving technique, making it a symbol of authenticity and finesse.
  • Own a piece of Maharashtra's cultural legacy! Visit IndiaHandmade to make this Tussar Silk Saree yours. Revel in the beauty of traditional artistry, draped in the timeless elegance of Maharashtra's Karvat Kathi craft. Buy now and redefine your ethnic wardrobe with authenticity and style!

           How to Care?

  • Dry clean to preserve its natural beauty and intricate designs. Embrace the luxurious touch of silk against your skin, and let the saree weave stories of tradition and craftsmanship.
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Item Type Handloom
Size Onesize
Dimensions (in cm) 630x117x0.2 cm
Color Off White
Occasion Party
State of Origin Maharashtra
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